Reston National Study Group Releases Vision for the Reston National Golf Course
Reston National Neighborhood Study Group
Reston National Neighborhood Study Group
August 15, 2022

RESTON, VA - After two years of engaging with community members, stakeholders, and community organizations, the Reston National Study Group released its vision for the future of the Reston National Golf Course.

This vision proposes a conservancy that establishes a genuine permanent open space for everyone in the community to enjoy and benefit from. A half-mile linear park will also be created, offering room for a wide range of neighborhood activities. Finally, a neighborhood-scale village will introduce new walkable services, shopping, and community gathering places. 

The owners of the Reston National Golf Course are asking for feedback from the community about the vision to allow for a plan to begin to be developed that includes the community as a partner. Feedback can be given at

Fast Facts: A Vision for Reston National Golf Course 

The Conservancy: A Living Landscape

  • Self-funded, not-for-profit ensuring local governance and programming.  
  • Approximately two-thirds (+/- 100 acres) will be reclaimed from the golf course and restored to a natural state, creating the most significant, usable open space in Reston.
  • Remediation on adjacent parcels will open up views and connect the neighborhood to amenities. 
  • Restore meadows with native grasses and wildflowers while planting new deciduous and evergreen trees.
  • Partnership with Reston cultural organizations for performances, public art installations, or community gatherings.

The Linear Park

  • A half-mile-long park runs through the entire neighborhood.
  • Planted fields for produce and community gardens, and open-air events.
  • Opportunity for a cultural master plan in collaboration with groups like Public Art Reston.

The Village

  • Shops, groceries, restaurants, arts, and neighborhood gathered space.
  • Neighborhood scale, tree-lined, small-scale streets.
  • Transit accessible
  • The essential economic anchor to revitalize the neighborhood.

About the Reston National Neighborhood Study Group 

The owners of the golf course launched the Reston National Neighborhood Study Group over two years ago to work with the community on discussing the future of the Reston National Golf Course.  Thus far, the Study Group has conducted over 50 community meetings with neighboring communities and organizations.  More information can be found at 


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