About the Study Group
The 168-acre Reston National Golf Course is part of a neighborhood that includes townhouses, single-family houses, apartments, offices, limited recreation facilities and the multi-purpose Hunters Woods Village Center.
Our neighborhood has changed over 5 decades. Aged infrastructure needs updating. Overgrown invasive plant species are rapidly undermining our tree canopy – a symbol of Reston.  Environmental restoration of water, native plants and wildlife are a priority.  And we need to find ways to keep and update the few recreational facilities available in the neighborhood.
Just as important, rapid development nearby has highlighted the lack of permanent open space that we all can use.  We want to see if basic Reston values of walkability, accessible amenities, community diversity and housing opportunity can be restored.
That’s why we’re studying the neighborhood with leading experts in their fields.
The owners of the golf course launched the Reston National Neighborhood Study Group to provide the best available information to the neighborhood on these and other issues.  We invite everyone  to participate in the Group’s studies. This way, we will have a solid and transparent foundation to guide Reston’s future.
But whatever the results, we are committed to these simple principles going forward:
Stay faithful to the seven principles that have guided Reston for a half century.
Include neighbors, community members, government and others in the discussion.
Earn support in the neighborhood and the community for any options that emerge.