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Reston National Conservancy

For over two years the owners of the Reston National Golf Course have been meeting with the community to talk about the future of the Reston National Golf Course. With the creation of permanent open space being the overall priority of the community we are asking for feedback on a vision for the property that would include the following:
  1. Create a Conservancy that restores the land and opens it up to the Neighborhood.
  2. Create a half-mile-long Linear Park that offers space for a wide range of neighborhood activities.
  3. Establish a neighborhood-scale Village to introduce new walkable services, shopping, and community gathering places.
You can see our full vision here. While this is not a plan, we are soliciting feedback from the community to better shape this vision for a real conversation about the future of the Reston National Golf Course. Tell us what you think! 
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