Golf Course Group To Examine Quality-Of-Life Gaps In Reston
Reston Patch
Michael O'Connell, Patch Staff
March 28, 2022

RESTON, VA — Reston National Neighborhood Study Group will be examining "quality of life" gaps between north and south Reston and the implications those purported gaps may have on property values.

The study group's announcement comes just over a week after the Hunters Green Cluster rejected the group's proposed invasive plant species mitigation pilot plan at the nearby Reston National Golf Course.

"Our study into the health of our shared tree canopy was a critical first step toward solving a significant issue," said Greg Hamm, manager of the Reston National Neighborhood Study Group, in a release. "As we move forward, we're looking at, not just the status quo in Reston, but the roadmap for the next 30 years."

Hamm, who is president of New City Enterprises, which represents Reston National Golf Course owners Weller Development Co. and War Horse Cities, has been meeting with property owners around the golf course since May 2021 to discuss the invasive plant species issue.

For its latest venture, the study group has hired research and data company DataStory and real estate research firm Tracy Cross & Associates to look at the quality-of-life differences between the communities located north and south of the Dulles Toll Road.

Some of the issues that will be examined include neighborhood walkability, distance to critical amenities, and aging infrastructure. The group plans to finish its study in April and follow it up with a round of community meetings.

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